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Empowering Health and Longevity

About me

Welcome to my journey, dedicated to the worlds of health, longevity, and fitness.

Hello, I’m Gilad, a software engineer with a passion for health, fitness, and the science of longevity. This site is a reflection of my journey and a space where I share my knowledge and experience.

The foundation of my interest in health and fitness was laid long before I ventured into the world of software development. My dedication to this field is not just about staying active, it’s deeply rooted in the science of extending health and lifespan. I am committed to evidence-based research, steering clear of fad diets and unfounded exercise trends. My approach is analytical, drawing from the latest studies and data to inform the advice and insights I share.

My journey into weightlifting began in 2014, marking the start of a transformative period in my life. Training under Terry Hadlow, an Olympian and master weightlifter, I not only enhanced my physical strength but also developed discipline and resilience. My best achieving in weightlifting was 3rd best male lifter in Manitoba.

In 2016, I transitioned into personal training, eager to impart my knowledge and passion for fitness to others. While I found deep satisfaction in guiding individuals towards their fitness goals, I became increasingly discouraged with the sales-focused aspect of the role. It became clear that my desire to make a meaningful impact wasn’t fully compatible with the commercial pressures inherent in personal training. This realization prompted a pivotal shift in my career path. I decided to leverage my analytical skills, leading me to the field of software engineering.

Outside of my professional life, my hobbies — cycling, weightlifting, and delving into personal finance with an eye towards early retirement. My mission is to live a life that’s not only long but also rich in quality.

This website is where I share insights, and the lessons I’ve learned, from the discipline of weightlifting, my personal training experience and the analytical challenges of software engineering.

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